Who are we?
FMJ Offroad is your custom fabricator for all things automotive! As a family-owned business, you can rest assured that your build is treated with the same detail and care that we would show our own. Our company supports the entire process of a build: from idea through design, fabrication, finishing, and shipping/installation. We proudly use American materials, to ensure that our products are American tough! Not only do we fabricate, we also sell and install many parts and tires for your vehicle! Browse our previous projects in the Gallery page. Learn more about our LEDefender™ Series , and order one today in our Store !  What are you waiting for? Visit our contact page to get your next build rolling!
  1. Mad Mac
    Mac, the owner of FMJ Offroad, has been building anything and everything he can dream up for years. Mac is a "hands on" owner and finds himself in the shop daily designing, fabricating, finishing, packaging, selling and shipping gear. If it comes from FMJ, you can bet Mac has had his hands on it!
  2. Welder X
    Welder X, FMJ's lead welder and fabricator comes certified and highly qualified to put together our gear in Aluminum, Stainless or Carbon Steel. I mean look at that beard! How could he be anything less than awesome?!
  3. Jericho
    Jericho, FMJ's number one "Shop Dog" is typically busy chewing up pterodactyl legs but in a pinch, you can expect him to loudly bark as if he was a vicious attack dog but fear not, the worst you can expect from him is a severe licking! I'm not sure if that's to taste you or get the pterodactyl taste off his tongue....
American Materials, American Made, American Tough